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Retirement Weekly: News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirement

From MarketWatch:

The Fed raised interest rates – what to do now with your retirement portfolio: Investors have a lot on their minds, including rising interest rates and inflation and stock market volatility. Here’s what to remember. 

Smart IRA or 401(k) moves you can make as Wall Street tanks: The market is acting up and down (as it usually does) but there are steps you can take for your retirement accounts right now. 

5 tips for finding meaningful part-time work in retirement: Some retirees choose to work to save more money for retirement, while others might just want something to do. Either way, these tips may help find that work

Also on MarketWatch:

What dogs can teach us about life and death 

The only two stock funds you’ll ever need 

How to invest now as your 401(k) tanks – according to a top money manager 

I went searching for the perfect place to live in retirement – and got lost along the way 

How to protect yourself from running out of money when you retire 

Are you planning for retirement? Why it might not be enough. 

6 things to know before you jump into retirement 

More in retirement news:

Retirements surged during the pandemic, but many workers are getting jobs again (The Washington Post)

Facebook’s retirement plan (The Economist

The IRS just boosted how much you can contribute for retirement (Yahoo Finance

Are you on track to reach the $4,194 max Social Security benefit (The Motley Fool)_

50-Plus: What happens if your retirement income takes a hit (The Quad City Times)

Bolstering retirement benefits to recruit, retain and reward (PlanSponsor)

Research and Insight:

How to save for a financial downturn during retirement (GOBankingRates)

Government workers prioritize retirement despite challenges (401K Specialist)

Counting on working in retirement to boost your income? Here’s why that strategy can backfire (Money)

Use of Medicare subsidy low in some states (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

I want to have goats and chickens when I retire – can I find a city that will have us? 

How will boomers draw down their 401(k) balances

A financial hardship could have you taking money out of your IRA or 401(k) – but you may pay the price

Gambling with your retirement money to buy bitcoin: it makes the most tax sense

Don’t panic about the Fed (maybe

What moms should know about retirement savings 

Being over 50 is not slowing down actress and comedian Margaret Cho – ‘Life is jus beginning’

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