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: Abortion jumps in importance as midterm-election issue, vying with economy in new poll

The issue of abortion has jumped in importance for Americans as midterm elections approach in November, vying with the economy for voters’ top issue in a new poll in the wake of a leaked Supreme Court opinion suggesting the landmark Roe v. Wade decision will be overturned.

A new survey from Monmouth University showed 25% of adults saying abortion was their top issue when voting in congressional elections, up from 9% in 2018. The economy was just slightly ahead, with 26% saying it was their most important consideration.

Taken May 5-9, the polling came after the leak of the high court document.

The shift on abortion policy is most pronounced among Democrats: 48% say a candidate’s alignment with their views on the issue is extremely important, up from 31% in 2018.

Among Republicans, meanwhile, Monmouth’s polling found a decline in seeing abortion policy as an extremely important factor in voting: 29%, down from 36% in 2018.

Some analysts have predicted that the issue could help energize Democratic voters in the fall, ahead of what have been expected to be tough midterms for President Joe Biden’s party.

The Monmouth poll, however, shows the public narrowly in favor of Republicans being in charge of Congress. An average of polls from RealClearPolitics shows Republicans leading Democrats by nearly 4 points when voters are asked which party they prefer.

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